Protocol Treatment

Assuming you wake up at 6:00 am

    1. When you wake up early in the morning take:
      Two glasses of warm water –
      • Add 2tbs full of Charcoal to the first glass
      • Add water full to the make the second glass of water.
    2. After about 1hr:
      Take a glassful of Vegetable juice comprising of –
      • Two Carrots
      • One medium red Onion
      • Two Tomatoes
      • Two cloves of Garlic
      • Quarter medium size of Cabbage
      • Any other greens you may feel like
      • Drink half a glass of porridge made from whole grains as part of instant energy for the sick.

      Eat Breakfast after 10 minutes comprising of –

      • Carbohydrates (Unleavened bread – NO YEAST, Cassava, Potatoes, Yuka, beans and corn cooked together, or any kind of flat bread) There are different types of grains and tubers that could be selected from.
      • Cooked beans or Peace (variety at different meals. There are so many different types of beans that you can choose from every time you prepare beans. Don just eat one type of bean everyday.
      • Cooked vegetables (Different types of vegetables)
      • Close it with a vegetable salad ( Vegetables like in vegetable juice above)
    3. After 2 hrs: Take minimum two glasses of warm water (Assuming that its 10 O’clock)
    4. At around 12:30, take 1 glass of warm water
    5. At 1:00 Oclock, take a glass of fruit juice comprising of minimum 5 different kinds of fruits e.g –
      • Pineapples
      • Oranges
      • Papaya
      • Lemons
      • Grapefruit
      • Any other that is available
      • After the juice, take a half a glass of porridge
      After 10 minutes, eat lunch with Carbohydrates like at breakfast above and Nuts
      of different kinds, cooked and uncooked.
      Finish your lunch with a bowl of mixed fruit salad.
    6. After 2 hrs, assuming its around 4:00 pm, take two or more glasses of warm water
    7. At 5:30 pm take 1 glass of warm water
    8. At 6:00 pm take glass of vegetable juice, a half a glass of porridge followed by a plate of vegetable salad. (The patient must not take any foods after 6:30.
    9. Must be left to sleep by 9:30 pm This is the standard treatment for all the illnesses, but could be adjusted based on the diseases.
      Hydrotherapy and Charcoal treatments are also based on the diseases consult for the treatments.
      This is not a substitute for a patient on medication.