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“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” — Matthew 6:21.

We all have treasures, but what impact can our treasure have on our lives and why is it so important that we are mindful of what becomes valuable to us?

Treasure can be: money, physical wealth, your family or even your health. We can treasure a person, hobby, memory, sport, food, lifestyle, a place and many other things.

Your treasure is what is valuable to you. Think about what you can call valuable (both material & immaterial). That is your treasure. Now let’s look at the heart. The heart is symbolic of love or affection. Your fondness for or liking towards someone/something. So, when you put the two together you will find that: what you consider valuable (your treasure) is what will get your love and attention.

Where is your treasure? Is it on things of real value, or things that merely pass away without any positive, lasting value? Many drown $2.25 on coffee and an extra $10.00 eating out every day. Others spend hundreds of dollars every year on tasty, but unnecessary and unhealthy food. Their treasure is wrapped up in taste, comfort, and a little extravagance. Do you want a better treasure than that? By giving your generous donation, you are supporting a healthy lifestyle.


To assist us in continuing this service to others, you can become one of our Regular Donors to Let’s Share Medical Missionary Movement, where you can choose to donate:

  1. $1/day ($30/month),
  2. $5/day ($150/month),
  3. $10/day ($300/month),
  4. $20/day ($600/month),
  5. $50/day (1,500/month)
  6. You can give quarterly,
  7. You can do a one-time donation
  8. or donate as led by the Lord. 

By being one of our regular donors, you are in support of the services and the blessings through training and lifestyle change that are offered at LSMMM, which are worth investing in so that many can benefit. Becoming a Regular Donor helps us help others for good.

The ability to reach a soul for eternity, to stop someone’s pain, to help reverse the disease process that is threatening to unravel their life, to assist students in learning how to help others come to freedom and find a lasting relationship with their Lord; this is worth much more than a daily coffee and a meal out on the road.

Thank you for recognizing this, for choosing to deny yourself in order to help a soul, and for becoming a Regular Donor with Let’s Share MMM.

You may choose to donate online to Let’s Share Medical Missionary Movement through any of the following ways:

Use your Cash App, credit or debit card or PayPal account to donate directly to Let’s Share Medical Missionary Movement…or you can call and charge your card over the phone at: +1-423-227-1779

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Let’s Share MMM. Your support will provide us with the resources needed to develop, progress and continue to supply Natural healthcare to our world community, now and in the future.